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Once again we were inspired to get this information to you as soon as possible because Pope Francis has outlived his welcome with many Catholics. Open letters request that he resign.

Although the Pope was a Jesuit of 52 years when he was installed as the Pope in Rome, he wasn’t really qualified to be one. We were told by a certain author that this Pope would be the last Pope, whose name was supposed to be Peter. They found a way to explain that somehow his name was Peter but he used Pope Francis, named after Francis of Assisi.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTmgmJ_PfIE

Since many believe that we are heading toward the prophetic Tribulation, there is now a rush to get all the parts in line i.e. the Peace Agreement, the chip implants, the third Temple, the prior apostasy, wars, rumors of wars, and many unusual weather occurrences, increased earthquakes, etc..

Pope John Paul II was very active in summoning all religions to the Papacy years ago with the help of Billy Graham and his crusades. It was no big surprise when many American denominations capitulated a few years ago as well publically and dedicated themselves to the Vatican.

Many are under the impression that Catholicism is Christianity when in reality it is anything but.

I grew up under Martin Luther who was a Catholic who took time to visit the Vatican in approximately 1550s  A.D.  and to his dismay found out what was going on. He was one of the first teachers who translated the Bible from Latin to German so people could study it. Salvation by Grace was finally made available to the general public.


To make our welcome short, why are we doing this blog you might ask?


Our latest blog “The Agenda” http://the-agenda.cephasministry.com has not attracted many visitors most likely because of the name. It sounds like the White House.

President Trump had an event in the Rose Garden recently that celebrated the National Day of Prayer: Watch live: Trump participates in National Day of Prayer event

NBC News May 2, 2019 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCjLxK7-8jU

What was not mentioned was that this day is to be celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year.

What else was not mentioned until President Trump assured the people who attended that he wrote an Executive Order to do away with the law that prohibits ministries from getting involved in political elections. Pastors for years hoped that church and state would become one and finally got their wish.

This National Day of Prayer originated in 1991 when a group of Rabbis persuaded our then President to agree to install the Noahide Laws which were not enforced or even known to the public. The Blog “The Agenda” addresses this subject and how we got to the National Day of Prayer and what it all means to us as citizens.  http://the-agenda.cephasministry.com

The Noahide Laws are necessary for the seven year Tribulation when the Antichrist forces people to worship an image at midpoint of the seven years. Idol worship such as worshipping Jesus Christ will become punishable by death, i.e. guillotine.

You might ask now what does this have to do with the Pope, Climate Change and heresy.

The reason Brexit, run by Theresa May of the UK and President Trump, who are both trying to uncouple from Globalism, are under such pressure, is the fact that the Bible calls for unification of all countries so laws can be enforced and published to all peoples to know and obey.

Since “Climate Change” affects all countries, what better goal to set for all countries through the United Nations to use then climate change.  Since members of all believers of some god/God are also affected by climate, Pope Francis adopted the same slogan at the expense of the Gospel.

Pope John Paul II, as well as Dr. Billy Graham, began the process of bringing all the various believers to unify and through many they signed up.

Why our Constitution is now in jeopardy? It doesn’t fit in with globalism 

Following is why there are various reasons why the Constitution will be changed or done away with.  Free speech is now under extreme pressure and unenforceable due to global changes.


Cephas Ministry is a discernment ministry. We research cults and false teachings. Since this page will present Seventh Day Adventists who are like us, serious about their belief in the Gospel, their report was so good we couldn’t resist to use it.   It does not mean that we are Seventh Day Adventists. SDA are known to be the best researchers of the Papacy due to the Sunday Law to be made legal one day soon.  The Sunday Law happens to be the seven  Noahide Laws.  These laws were passed by Congress. They have not been enforced due to our Constitution.

The reason for the Noahide Laws are explained:  “The Agenda” http://the-agenda.cephasministry.com

You might ask why are the Seventh Day Adventists concerned with the Sunday Law?

The Seventh Day Adventists ( SDA)  practice the day of rest on Sabbath as the Ten Commandments teach. They will be faced with having to give up their heads to keep believing their doctrine.  SDA believe the Sunday Law is the Mark of the Beast.

We are not SDA and here is why:    http://1timothy4-13.com/files/bible/sda_errors.html

The following Youtube shows how Pope Francis is involved with Climate Change and how it relates to unity necessary to pass universal laws such as the Noahide Laws and worshipping the image of the Beast by taking the implant of the chip which will control one’s money.

Pope: Common Good Has Become Global! Sunday Law Is Set To Go Global! Pope On Borrowed Time. Wake Up! Death Penalty is applicable (Noahide Law)   –  ProphesyAgainTV – May 2, 2019


Where did the’ New Green Deal’ suddenly come from recently?


Charles C. Camosy – Share This!

Pope Francis arrives for his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Wednesday, April 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)  April 26, 2019

(RNS) — In my previous column, I argued that Pope Francis’ approach to climate change — one focused on culture — is far superior to moving immediately to legislative approaches like the recently floated Green New Deal, which has zero chance of passing.

According to climate science experts, we have 12 years to dramatically curb our carbon emissions before we reach a tipping point, after which climate change is not only inevitable but disastrous. In light of this emergency, I argued that we need to take the next decade or so to work on changing culture — and then, in the final few years, work to pass dramatic legislation in a changed cultural and political environment.

Right now, attempts to shove the Green New Deal down the throats of an unwilling public do little but push them further away from embracing the culture change we need.

One might rightly wonder about the specifics of what Francis has in mind. Laws demand certain specific actions. “Culture change,” in addition to often being more difficult to name and define, takes more work and patience to bring about.

Francis’ prescription for ecological culture change occurs primarily in his May 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’. In this magisterial document, Francis rightly insists that the “existence of laws and regulations” won’t work to curb the behaviors producing climate change by themselves. In order for laws to bring about the necessary long-term effects, “the majority of the members of society must be adequately motivated to accept them, and personally transformed to respond.”

This, in his view, requires what he calls a “profound interior conversion.” At times he calls it, more specifically, a kind of “ecological conversion.”

The cover page of Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’.

Such a conversion, the pope says, must be both individual and communal. But it must be a fundamental change of life — much like that of the saint best known for his spiritual emphasis on God’s creation, St. Francis of Assisi.

Before totally transforming his life, St. Francis was a rich, privileged young man who was addicted to consumption and the superficial pleasures of life. After encountering the poor and having a life-changing spiritual experience, however, Francis reoriented his life away from consumerism, to the point of embracing poverty and direct service to the poor.

Not all of us are called to be saints, but the pope (who took has name from the great saint of Assisi) insists that the planet now requires a similar kind of conversion from its inhabitants. We must take on a “less is more,” anti-consumerism approach to life that will lead us to transcend unhealthy anxieties caused by being trapped in consumer culture. We must also celebrate rest, especially from buying and selling, by returning to a focus on keeping the Sabbath.

As it did for St. Francis, Pope Francis argues that this kind of conversion can restore “ecological equilibrium, establishing harmony within ourselves, with others, with nature and other living creatures, and with God.”

The last bit is very important for Francis: we must be open to “making the leap towards the transcendent which gives ecological ethics its deepest meaning.” Francis says that postmodern humanity, disconnected from God, has “too many means and only a few insubstantial ends.” Like St. Francis, we need a new spiritual grounding to orient our lives in these new ways.

This means that religious institutions must work to help people cultivate a spiritual foundation that makes ecological conversion possible. And anyone who cares about the existential threat of global climate change should do all they can to support religious institutions in this work.

The kind of culture change Pope Francis has in mind also requires a deep commitment to “ecological education,” to take place “at school, in families, in the media, in catechesis and elsewhere,” he wrote. “Good education plants seeds when we are young, and these continue to bear fruit throughout life.”

Francis has a particular focus on the family, “the place in which life — the gift of God — can be properly welcomed and protected against the many attacks to which it is exposed, and can develop in accordance with what constitutes authentic human growth. In the face of the so-called culture of death, the family is the heart of the culture of life.”

Indeed, the pope has explicitly positioned his ecological posture in a way that embraces the pro-life movement. In Laudato Si’ he insisted that “protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion,” and directed his newly appointed head of the Pontifical Academy for Life to work to help restore “the original balance of creation between the human person and the entire universe.”

The “countless array” of civic organizations “which work to promote the common good and to defend the environment, whether natural or urban,” are no less important for Francis, as they have the ability to create relationships from which a “new social fabric emerges.”

Such civic organizations can contribute to the communal aspect of ecological conversion, he said, especially by breaking out of “the indifference induced by consumerism.”

These communities, Francis made clear, include “our seminaries and houses of formation” which can provide not only spiritual formation but “education in responsible simplicity of life, in grateful contemplation of God’s world, and in concern for the needs of the poor and the protection of the environment.”

“Only by cultivating sound virtues will people be able to make a selfless ecological commitment,” said Francis.

When Christian communities instill such virtues, they can help shift “convictions and attitudes which help to protect the environment” and “bring about real changes in lifestyle.”

These changes are not only necessary as part of the direct fight to lower carbon emissions. It’s the only real hope we have to change the culture so that one day we will all accept something like the Green New Deal.

Think 10 years isn’t enough time for such dramatic changes to take hold? You underestimate the power of changing hearts to bring about life-changing legislation. In 2004, GOP operatives put anti-same-sex marriage policies on state ballots to draw out voters who were opposed to the practice. By 2014, American culture had transformed so dramatically on gay and lesbian marriage that pushing legislation barring it would have been political suicide.

Our culture could also have an ecological conversation in a similar timeframe. Perhaps even faster, given the new technologies. Let’s get to work.

Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ v. the Green New Deal


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